Educational Programs


For 2017, we are offering EDUCATION PROGRAMS!


Our Education Programs are tailored to give children a hands-on, interactive experience of the activities professional palaeontologisits do to hunt, clean, and interpret fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct animals.


Activities included in the Education Programs include:



Planning on being in Tumbler Ridge for Grizfest or the Emperor's Challenge? Enroll your child in our All Day Education Camps - a fun mix of fossil and nature related activities! Stay tuned for more information! Schedule To Be Announced!


If you would like more information on the Drop-In Education Programs, or would like to reserve a spot for an activity (pre-paid only, please), please call the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery at (250) 242-3466, and ask for the Education Coordinator or contact us by e-mail (


Day camps and week camps are for ages 7 to 13 (must be able to read well). Space is limited and pre registration is a must.


Day camp cost is $40.00 per child and runs 9 to 3.


Week long camp cost is $200.00 per child and runs 9 to 3. This is not an overnight camp and children must be picked up each day. There is a minimum enrolment for the camp. If it is not met then week camp will be replaced with day camp.


May and June the education coordinator will be available Monday to Friday to accommodate school groups. Please contact the education coordinator or phone (250) 242-3466 to book or for questions.


Calendar is subject to change. Please phone (250) 242-3466 or email to confirm that camps and activities are a go.


Educational Program Sponsors:

The TRMF is very grateful for the generous support that enables us to continue to offer and improve our popular camps for children.




June 6, 2013

Spectra Energy’s Glenn Auger exchanges a cheque and a handshake with PRPRC Curator Rich McCrea at the PRPRC’s Dinosaur Discovery Gallery. Spectra Energy has consistently made annual contributions to the PRPRC’s Dinosaur Discovery Camps for the past several years. This type of reliable support is essential to the success of the popular camps as funding to run these programs has to be raised each year. The PRPRC and TRMF are very grateful for Spectra Energy’s history of commitment to the museum’s educational programs.




May 8, 2013

Calven Swinea presents a cheque for $10 000 to Charissa Tonnesen (President of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation), accompanied by Richard McCrea (Curator, left) and Charles Helm (Vice President, right).

On May 5th Calven Swinea, Vice President of Administration, Walter Energy, Inc. presented a cheque for $10 000 to Charissa Tonnesen, President of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation.


This donation will allow for the hiring of summer student staff, which will enable the Museum’s annual summer programming to continue: Dinosaur Camps for kids, guided tours to the dinosaur footprint sites (including nocturnal lantern tours) and hosting the exhibits in the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery in town.


These programs, in turn, form a vital part of Tumbler Ridge’s bid to become the second Global Geopark in North America, and will be a feature at the all-important symposium scheduled for July 27-28 in the Conference Centre. The value of this donation to the Museum, the community and the region is therefore highly significant.


Walter Energy has been a consistent supporter of such Museum Foundation projects over the past years, something which has been greatly appreciated and acknowledged.



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